SG2030 Spin-off Ventures are internally accelerated projects that have become standalone ventures. Each of them has a well-defined technology and business focus; even though they are still early stage. We expect that some of these ventures, over time might become high-growth venture class endeavors.

Currently we operate:

  • Novatempo – Accelerating Technology Ventures and Entrepreneurship through Workshops, Consulting, Coaching, Team Forming and Capital
  • Microbricks – A research and development consulting organization focused on reducing the “productization risk” of micro- and nano-technologies. We aim our engineering, legal and business consulting efforts at rapidly reducing high levels of “technology productization risk” to acceptable levels of “market escalation risk”.

Although some of our innovations are a direct result from defense challenges or government sponsored efforts, we seek to accelerate all our most valuable commercial innovations as spin-off ventures.

We purposely create value through mutually fruitful partnerships, actively seeking to eliminate or mitigate sources of potential conflict with our clients.

Our licensing agreements always reflect our unwavering desire to contribute to the success of the overall effort, of the team, of the nation and of Earth.