SG2030 Accelerators are dynamic business units designed to combine domain experts and professional networks; further supplemented by standard agreement for accessing R&D facilities, all designed to promote simplified active collaboration within and among project teams.  Reusability of most of these resources among accelerated projects is central to SG2030’s view of acceleration.

SG2030 does not regard accelerators as physical working or co-working spaces, instead we see them as distributed organizations sharing resource and using online collaboration.  Some of our accelerators are entirely virtual with platform resources mainly focused on facilitating information flows.

SG2030 attempts projects derisking and projects acceleration using public or private funding sources, depending on specific details of each project.

Our accelerators support internal and external acceleration of certain types of projects. Currently we have efforts around the following domains, albeit not all are equally active at any given time.

  • Sensorbricks: Modular Sensor / Machine Learning Integration (
  • Autobricks:  Modular Autonomous Navigation (
  • Microbricks:  Modular Integrated Microsystems (
  • Robobrick: Modular Robotic Systems (
  • Orbitalbricks:  Modular Nanosats / Cubesats (
  • Energybricks: Modular Energy Solutions (
  • Optibricks:  Modular Optical Systems (
  • Optobricks: Modular Optoelectronics (
  • Sportsbricks:  Modular Solutions for Sport Teams. (
  • Technobricks: Modular Heterogeneous Electronics (
  • Interbricks: Modular Metrology and Characterization Solutions (

Although some of our innovations are a direct result from defense challenges, we always seek to accelerate commercial innovations as spin-off ventures.

We purposely create value through mutually fruitful partnerships, actively seeking to eliminate or mitigate sources of potential conflict with our clients.

Our licensing agreements always reflect our unwavering desire to contribute to the success of the overall effort, of the team, of the nation and of Earth.