SG2030 provides management and applied research consulting services for more effective de-risking of new technologies and its related derived business ventures.  We attempt to compensate for organizations stagnation, involution and blind sighting.

We offer our consulting and advisory services in support of technology ventures.  We work with corporate clients, venture funds and government agencies worldwide.

Specifically, we provide management consulting and advisory services in support of de-risking through services such as the following:

  • Open and External Innovation
  • Managed Open “Imaginariums”
  • Research and Development Processes Optimization
  • Technology and Ventures Acceleration
  • Technology, Product and Business Development
  • Intellectual Property Portfolios Development and Optimization
  • Entrepreneurial and Venture Spinning-off Processes
  • Partnerships and Joint Ventures Coordination

Our operating promises for a solid client-consultant working interaction is based on that:

  • We diligently compartmentalize our innovations from those of our clients always seeking to preserve our clients’ trust.
  • We refuse any client’s engagement that might be in conflict with services provided up to 36 months in the past, and we also recuse from taking projects that may trigger conflict with our internal efforts, or with the activities of our own spin-off ventures.
  • We purposely create value through mutually fruitful partnerships, actively seeking to eliminate or mitigate sources of potential conflict with our clients.
  • Our licensing agreements always reflect our unwavering desire to contribute to the success of the overall effort, of the team, of the nation and of Earth.