SG2030 LLC offers applied scientific research, innovative engineering and venture acceleration as a service to defense and commercial customers.

Our efforts result in agile technology transfer to our de-risking partners. They also result in efficient formation of venture spin-offs with the participation of compatible corporate or capital partners.

We are agile business owners that see the end of every project as a unique technology transfer process, in which our contribution can range from a simple license to the complete development of a startup venture and beyond.

Our Work

Our work plans are organized using combinations of in-house capabilities and external resources, including university laboratories, business partners, expert consultants, agile freelancers, and compatible investors.

We take pride of fostering a culture of risk taking, streamlined operations, light overheads and ultra-sharp focus on value creating objectives. 

We focus our efforts on systematic risk reduction by using lean and agile operating procedures, some of which were internally developed over 15 years of disciplined efforts.

Our People

We are engineers and scientists that deeply enjoy exercising our skills in creative, unique and responsible manners.

We are – and always behave as – experienced entrepreneurs, seeking to complete de-risking of projects on budget and on time, fully satisfying the expectations of our customers and of our business partners.

Contact Information

Sales: [email protected]

Collaborations: [email protected]

General Inquiries: [email protected]

Recruiting: [email protected]