We offer professional services in support of agile derisking of novel concepts and of technologies as a service to clients.  Our research and innovation engineering efforts are directed towards the conversion of novel technologies into fieldable solutions.  We focus mainly on technology spaces undergoing rapid evolution, although we are always willing to explore whatever excites our imagination, and we often do.

We currently organize all our innovations around the efficient utilization of machine learning as critical enabler of important improvements in mobility, automation, fabrication, characterization and data analysis.

Areas in which we have focused our attention in recent projects are:

  • Sensor-software integration involving machine learning, integrated sensors and wireless communications. 
  • Energy conversion and storage projects including beta-voltaics, phosphors and other mechanisms.
  • Lightweight autonomous vehicles such as light military support, medical evacuation and last mile cargo/delivery.
  • Deep Neural Networks for predictive real-time operations.

We have also deep experience in:

  • Microsystems design, simulation, characterization and testing.
  • Space radiation effects in microelectronics, including devices hardening and testing.
  • Automated Test Equipment and Metrology Systems Design.

We make every effort to organize our projects such that exploit modularization, collaboration, off-the-shelf parts, and that as a result emphasize extreme simplicity and simple beauty.

We actively engage our minds in the business possibilities of every project thus making sure our clients can recognize possibilities beyond their initial scope of opportunities.

We seek to create value through mutually fruitful partnerships that tend to function because we operate were risk is still high and the reward still unclear, that as a result reduces sources of potential conflict with our clients.