We provide management consulting services in support of de-risking technology ventures.  We offer both, advisory and implementation services.  We prefer to take on de-risking challenges that we find interesting, can scale and create significant value for the global community and for Earth.

We pursue a “garage like” de-risking process. Simplicity and directness characterize it.   No large budgets, small and no overly specialized teams, no fancy facilities, no unnecessary complexity….Most great innovations of the past have been tested using basic experiments and prototypes, and simple organizations.  We follow those examples.

We implement a process we have named “Risk Reduction Planning”, a proprietary methodology we developed within our internal venture novatempo.com that we use to de-risk scientific challenges, new technologies, novel products and even their associated businesses.

We make disciplined efforts to organize our de-risking projects to fully exploit modularization, collaboration, off-the-shelf parts, and that emphasize extreme simplicity, elegance and beauty.

We actively engage our minds in the business possibilities of every project thus making sure our clients can recognize possibilities beyond their initial scope of opportunities.

We seek to create value through mutually fruitful partnerships that tend to function because we operate were risk is still high and the reward still unclear, and that as a result, reduces sources of potential conflict with our clients.