The greatest source of intellectual power does not reside in a corporation, a city, a country or even a region of the world.  A system capable of incentivizing the efficient cooperation of talent anywhere of Earth would, undoubtedly be capable of overwhelming the research or design teams of even the best well-funded corporation anywhere on the planet.

SG2030 manages a carefully curated global network of domain experts, including professors, researchers, entrepreneurs and experience executives.  We cover domains such as Integrated Microsystems, Nanotechnology, Electric Drive, Sensor Networks, Applied Mathematics, Robotic Surgery, Energy Storage, Nuclear Engineering, Construction Machinery/Technologies and several others.  Our curated networks currently surpass 20,000 members, many of which can be invoked on short notice to reinforce and expand our efforts in support of our projects.

We always seek, in all our collaborations, to create value through mutually fruitful partnerships actively seeking to eliminate or mitigate sources of potential conflict with our clients.  Our licensing agreements reflects our desire to contribute to the success of the effort and of the team.