Executing and encouraging collaborations is part of the internal culture we actively promote, and thus, we purposely seek to collaborate with scientific, technical, government, corporate and capital partners. Moreover, we enthusiastically seek to hire and develop employees with entrepreneurial potential with the goal of motivating them to lead spin-off ventures that we at first, internally accelerate.  SG2030 retains equity on those spin-offs in terms that are fair and acceptable to the parties involved.

Specifically, we collaborate using modalities such as:

  • R&D Projects based Collaborations.

We collaborate with Universities, National Laboratories or even other corporate R&D teams to jointly bid and execute government or commercial contracts in which we share workloads, expenses and the intellectual property that may result.

  • R&D Ventures Acceleration-As-A-Service to Clients

We primarily serve customers seeking to rely on our services for de-risking projects and ventures they wish to carry on using an organization that carries lower indirect costs, it is more agile and entails no conflict of interest with employees and functions internal to the client’s entity.  During this type of acceleration, and only in some of those instances, the parties involved may choose to retain and motivate SG2030’s longer term engagement using some form of equity or revenue participation.

Regardless of the terms of the agreements involved, always keep in mind that when executing a project on behalf of a client, our main goal is our client’s success which is fully reflected on intellectual property agreements associated to said project.

  • Internal R&D Ventures Acceleration leading to spin-off formation.

We collaborate both internally and externally with certain R&D projects that we have internally developed using a combination of internal resources and government funding (SBIR, STTR, BAA). We focus on projects that we determine have characteristics that make them attractive for venture acceleration using our own know-how and business networks.  Naturally, we provide pro-active assistance to employees and collaborators seeking to pursue a spin-off venture in which SG2030 shares some of the ownership.  SG2030 forms spin-off entities when we see that our internal creations are capable of attracting investor’s capital and are well positioned for pursuing business scaling as standalone entrepreneurial entities.

Regardless of the specific collaboration modality adopted, we seek to acquire commensurate ownership participation on ventures created from our contributions to the relevant intellectual property, even if generated from work related to the client’s contracted scope of work.  This is is done to reflect our role as inventors of said intellectual property.

We always seek to create value through mutually fruitful partnerships actively seeking to eliminate or mitigate sources of potential conflict with our clients.  Our licensing agreements reflects our desire to contribute to the success of the effort and of the team.