We conduct internal and sponsored research and development activities.  These activities can result in the creation of trade secrets and of other forms of intellectual property.  Depending on how these intellectual property is generated, two situations arise:

  • Research and Development Innovations sponsored by private commercial parties.

We acquire commensurate ownership participation on intellectual property generated from work provided to our clients that is developed as part of the contracted scope of work.  This is done to reflect our role as inventors of said intellectual property. 

We establish and assure adequate licensing term during the initial contract negotiation to assure licensing of our intellectual property does not limits our client’s technical or business objective.

Regardless of the terms of the agreement, always keep in mind that when executing a project on behalf of a client, our main goal becomes our client’s success and that is fully reflected on all our agreements related to intellectual property associated to said project.

  • Internal Research and Development Innovations sponsored by Government

We also license our own intellectual property, which is generated internally funded by SG2030 or using government grants and contracts, to unrelated outside entities or to SG2030’s spin-off entities.

SG2030 forms spin-off entities when we see that our internal creations are capable of attracting investor’s capital and are posed for pursuing business scaling as standalone entrepreneurial entities.

We always seek to create value through mutually fruitful partnerships actively seeing to eliminate or mitigate sources of potential conflict with our clients.